Kourosh zare

Research  assistant
Email:  kouroshputs@gmail.com
Email:  k.zarekarizy@mail.sbu.ac.ir

Phone: +982129904030

Phone : +989366225363


I am MSc. student at Laser and Plasma Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University.

My research interests are BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) and fNIRS (functional Near-Inferared Spectroscopy)  and biomedical topics.

I designed and implemented  a wireless fNIRS device as a part of my thesis in order to study prefrontal cortex activities .

I proposed an ANOVA-based (ANalysis Of VAriance) method for artifacts removal and accepted in fNIRS 2016 conference.

my current works are gathering datasets and pattern extraction from them in order to  classify those patterns.


functional Near InferaRed Spectroscopy is one of the non-invasive optical bio imaging which measures variations of  two chromophores concentrations ,hemoglobin and oxy-hemoglobin.



EEG , fNIRS , BCIs , ARM processors , FPGA ,DSP (Digital Signal Processing),EEGlab

My products


photo_2016-11-10_18-21-02 1.Main board 16 channels CW-fNIRS device

2.4-Channels fNIRS device(Wireless)