About us

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Mohammad Ali Ansari

 The missions and program:

The mission of Optical Bioimaging Laboratory (OBL)is to discover and explore alternative biomedical imaging methods using visible/near-infrared light. Trying to obtain new techniques in the field of optical imaging is the research program of the laboratory.


Outlines and Activities

a) The interaction of electromagnetic radiation with biological tissues.

1.1 . Simulation of light propagation in biological tissues.

2.1 . Image processing and reconstruction algorithms.

3.1 . Study of Thermal Mechanism of Infrared Neural Stimulation(INS).

b) Monitoring of biological signals

1.2 . Monitoring of biological signals by means of optical imaging methods.

2.2. study, design and implement monitoring biological signals based on biological mechanisms.

c)Methods of optical imaging in biological tissue

1.3.  Functional near-infrared spectroscopy(fNIRS).

2.3 . Diffuse optical tomography (DOT).

3.3 . Polarization imaging.

4.3 . Fluorescence Imaging.


1. Monitoring brain signals.

2. Monitoring of Hemodynamic signals in human muscle.

3. The processing of biological images.