Advance BioPhotonics


Quiz in Oct. 31






1. Optical Properties of Tissue

2. Light–Tissue Interactions

3. Theoretical Models and Algorithms in Optical Diffusion Tomography

4. Laser and Optical Radiation Safety in Biophotonics

5. Biological Imaging Spectroscopy

6. Lifetime-Based Imaging

7. Light Scattering Spectroscopy and Imaging of Cellular and Sub-cellular Events

8. Functional Imaging with Diffusing Light

9. Molecular Contrast Optical Coherence Tomography

10. Multiscale Photoacoustic Microscopy and Macroscopy


1) chapter 1

2) chapter 3

2) chapter 3

4) chapter 6

5) chapter 9



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1. Monte Carlo Modeling of Light Transport in Multi-layered Tissues

2. kubelka_munk

3. Boundary integral method for simulating laser short-pulse penetration into     biological tissues

4. polarized light imaging

5. Green’s function solution to the tissue bioheat equation

6. Spectral Imaging principles and applications 

7. Lifetime-Based Imaging

8. Optical scatter imaging


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